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DWI & Drunk Driving

An experienced lawyer is invaluable when facing a DWI charge. Having a lawyer on your side with extensive experience in DWI cases can be the difference between a DWI dismissal and possible jail time.  Start your defense as soon as possible to fight a potential suspension of your driver license. Learn more from Texas DPS.

Drug & Marijuana Charges

Possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other controlled substances can result in major criminal charges. Depending on the amount and type of substance, you can face consequences ranging from fines and probation to jail time or a prison sentence. An experienced Austin criminal defense attorney can craft a smart defense and potentially get your case dismissed through participation in the Travis County Drug Courts.

Assault & Family Violence

Assault cases can be complex and emotional. Depending on the specific allegations against you, charges can range from a Class C misdemeanor citation to a first-degree felony. You need an attorney that will listen to you, work with you, and help you through the difficult process of facing a criminal assault charge.

Juvenile Charges

Texas children can face juvenile charges as young as ten years old. Some crimes committed while a juvenile can be prosecuted years later, even when you’re an adult. The juvenile justice system can be confusing and overwhelming. An experienced juvenile law attorney can assist your child in getting the best result possible in the minor’s case. Learn more about Travis County Juvenile Court.

Jail Release

If your loved one is in jail, you want them out as soon as possible.  Start a smart defense by hiring Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Cofer. Available 24/7 to get your loved ones out of the Travis County jail as quickly as possible – call 512-200-3801 to begin. Don’t know whether or not your loved one is in jail? Find out via the Travis County Sheriff’s Office Inmate Information search.

Theft & Shoplifting

Theft is considered “a crime of moral turpitude.” A theft conviction has serious consequences for your life and can preclude employment, jury service, and even federal student loans. Even a Class C misdemeanor ticket for theft (less than $100) can haunt you for the rest of your life. Start a smart defense and make sure that a theft charge doesn’t stop you from living your best life.

Weapons Charges

Unlawfully carrying a firearm or another weapon in certain places (including an airport) and under certain circumstances can result in misdemeanor or felony charges. Possessing certain knives, clubs, firearms, or knuckles in the wrong place can be a serious criminal offense. Frequently, these offenses occur at the airport and can result in large fines or even jail time. A smart defense can help you get the best result possible in your case.  Learn more about Texas Weapons Laws via the Texas Penal Code.

Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are frustrating, time consuming and, depending on the nature of the ticket and your driving record, can potentially result in losing your privilege to drive in Texas. Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Cofer can advise you on whether or not legal representation makes sense given your particular circumstances and can work with you to resolve your ticket. Not sure if you have outstanding traffic tickets in the City of Austin? You can check via the Municipal Court Public Inquiry system. 

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes such as murder, manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide, robbery, and aggravated assault can result in the most far-reaching consequences under Texas law. A strong, smart defense is essential to ensure the rights of the accused and protect against any violations of your Constitutional rights.  Review Violent Crime data in your area via the Austin Police Department’s Crime Viewer.

Drivers License Suspensions

Losing your privilege to drive in Texas can interrupt your life in numerous ways and result in large fines and even jail time. Resolving your driver’s license suspension can be complicated and time consuming. Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Cofer can advise you on the necessary steps to address license ineligibility and seek an occupational driver’s license on your behalf, should you be eligible. Check your Driver’s License eligibility via Texas DPS.


If you have previously faced criminal charges and resolved your case, you may be eligible to have those charges removed from your record, depending on the circumstances of your case. Possible eligibility for an expunction can be complicated and the process to expunge your past charges can be intimidating. Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Cofer can evaluate your situation and, if appropriate, seek to expunge your past criminal charge.

Alcohol Offenses

Public intoxication, minor in possession, and minor in consumption charges are generally heard in Municipal Court or Justice of the Peace Courts. These charges can result in fines, mandatory community service, and alcohol education classes. An alcohol offense conviction can result in a lifetime of explaining a youthful indiscretion. Start your defense as soon as possible with Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Cofer.

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