There are thousands of lawyers in Central Texas. What sets Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Cofer apart from the rest?

The Law Office of Rick Cofer is a boutique law firm focused on representing people accused of criminal charges. No two cases are the same, and Rick works closely with each client to address his or her special needs, crafting a custom defense unique to the case.

Clever Criminal Defense

Many lawyers advertise an “aggressive” or “tough” defense. Since 2008, Rick has handled thousands of cases and tried more than one hundred cases to a judge or jury. He knows that oftentimes the best defense is the least expected one. A sophisticated and clever approach to a case, rather than mere aggression, generally results in a better outcome for the client.

Intelligently analyzing a case can yield surprising discoveries that lead to unforeseen defenses and strategies. The overwhelming majority of criminal cases are resolved through plea-bargaining. A clever negotiation strategy can accomplish startling results.

A perceptive, inventive defense can include an aggressive strategy to get you the best possible outcome in your case, but only when aggression makes sense. Rick knows the difference.

Serious Client Service

Facing a criminal charge is one of the most difficult challenges in life. The last thing you should worry about is whether your lawyer is going to return your call or answer your email. Rick seeks to truly delight the client through unbelievable client service.

By listening closely to you and providing constant communication, Rick hopes to give you peace of mind. When you hire Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Rick Cofer, you should expect your phone calls answered promptly, your text messages returned rapidly, and your needs taken care of.

Rick’s goal is to make your involvement in the criminal justice system as painless as possible. No one wants to face a criminal charge. With empathy, compassion, and a constant focus on doing what’s best for the client, Rick seeks to provide you seriously unbelievable client service.

“He who only sees the obvious, wins his battles with difficulty; he who looks below the surface of things, wins with ease.” – Mei Yaochen, 11th Century Scholar

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